"Harvest Moon: Completing the Circle"

a half hour documentary by Tama Takahashi

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"Harvest Moon: Completing the Circle" will be shown at the Institute of American Indian Arts of Santa Fe, New Mexico as part of their "Relations: Indigenous Dialogue" show July 8 - September 30, 2006.

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How did a Native American woman, put up for adoption as a baby and raised in a completely white environment, become the spokesperson and representative for her Pacific Northwest Coast Indian tribe? This is a story of a divorced woman's determination to raise her sons and follow her dream, about a legacy revealed and about how two different worlds can unite into a life made more rich by the combination.

Harvest Moon is a Quinault basketweaver and storyteller who endured hardships and racism. Her path of self-discovery and self-determination feels particularly poignant because the reason she experienced discrimination--her Native American ancestry--is precisely what has brought her fulfillment and success as an adult.

Woven in with the inspiring narrative of her history are scenes of Harvest gathering her native materials and weaving her baskets and legends. We get a vivid look into her tribal culture and traditions and learn how her natural father reached from beyond the grave with a gift that would change her life.

The DVD of "Harvest Moon: Completing the Circle" is only $13. NTSC Playable All Regions.


"Harvest Moon: Completing the Circle" :

premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival January 28th-February 6th, 2005.

was selected for Hawaii's GirlFest Film Festival September 2-11, 2005, in Oahu.

was selected for an Ojai Film Festival screening October 22, 2005.

was selected for the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco November 5 - 12, 2005